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glossary of north american railway terms wikipedia - this page contains a list of terms jargon and slang used to varying degrees by railfans and railroad employees in the united states and canada although not exhaustive many of the entries in this list appear from time to time in specialist rail related publications, books relating to steam locomotive development railways - the primary source of information about books on railway history is george ottley s monumental bibliograpy with its two supplements no serious public library can claim to be that if ottley is not available jack simmons overall evaluative surveys of the literature both in his own books and in the oxford companion ottley is mainly non evaluative are also useful but simmons was less, chinese american contribution to transcontinental railroad - chinese labor was suggested as they had already helped build the california central railroad the railroad from sacramento to marysville and the san jose railway originally thought to be too small to complete such a momentous task charles crocker of central pacific pointed out, railpictures net add photos - photographer details if you haven t registered please create an account now we require each photographer to create an account with us this allows photographers to at a later date manage their photos make corrections etc, a short line railroad guide american rails com - in general short lines tend to provide the most fascinating operations of any railroad as local centrally based companies they are much more down home in nature often friendlier than large class is and are just more fun to watch than the big roads, history of the san diego and arizona pacific southwest - san diego s impossible railroad by richard v dodge as printed in dispatcher 6 june 29 1956 a publication of the railway historical society of san diego