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last chance for victory robert e lee and the gettysburg - last chance for victory robert e lee and the gettysburg campaign scott bowden bill ward on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers long after nearly fifty thousand soldiers shed their blood there serious misunderstandings persist about robert e lee s generalship at gettysburg, the maps of gettysburg an atlas of the gettysburg - i ve read many civil war campaign and battle study books but when it comes to maps even the best written books often come up short this is especially true for large complex days long battles such as gettysburg, battle of gettysburg wikipedia - the battle of gettysburg locally t s b r listen was fought july 1 3 1863 in and around the town of gettysburg pennsylvania by union and confederate forces during the american civil war, pickett s charge gettysburg civil war pickett s charge map - pickett s charge battle of gettysburg cemetery ridge general george pickett s division history results total casualties seminary ridge the angle george pickett army of northern virginia, battle of gettysburg the peach orchard thomas legion - the second day s battle of gettysburg was the largest and costliest of the three days the second day s fighting at devil s den little round top the wheatfield the peach orchard cemetery ridge trostle farm culp s hill and cemetery hill involved at least 100 000 soldiers of which roughly 20 000 were killed wounded captured or, richard s ewell wikipedia - richard stoddert ewell february 8 1817 january 25 1872 was a career united states army officer and a confederate general during the american civil war he achieved fame as a senior commander under stonewall jackson and robert e lee and fought effectively through much of the war but his legacy has been clouded by controversies over his